Monday, August 22, 2005

In Which I "Adopt A Box of Docs:" A Review of John Roberts Documents Box 17-5

Most readers of this blog know of Hugh Hewitt's "Adopt A Box of Docs" initiative. I work in the health care industry, so a "box of docs" makes me think of a small health clinic run by a group of doctors. What Hugh has in mind is something much different: A blogospheric review of the contents of 136 boxes documents released by the Reagan Library from John Roberts' White House years. On Friday the New York Times published the links to those boxes' contents online, and Hugh and Radioblogger assigned them out to bloggers to review them for whatever we found interesting.

I was assigned one of the last three boxes available. Here's what I found:


Well, not exactly nothing. Roberts did get a routine short transmittal memo from Roger Clegg, then Associate Deputy Attorney General, who added a p.s.:

"Cathy Anderson says you are even cuter than Ted Olson."

Hmmm. I'm not sure where the Democrats can take this one, but it does show just a little glimmer of personality and playful internal banter among a pile of otherwise pretty dry stuff.

The remainder of the box is all "FYI" material for Roberts, much of it from Clegg:

  • Copies of press releases;
  • Background material on Cold War-era concerns raised by American citizens of Baltic origin who claimed they were being investigated by the Office of Special Investigations ("OSI")based on information obtained from the KGB (the OSI is the Justice Department unit assigned to find WWII war criminals hiding in the USA);
  • One page of fragmentary handwritten notes, apparently by Roberts, that refer to a status report from Clegg about matters that seem very mundane.

Oh, well. I'll have to wait for another chance at investigative fame.


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