Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The John Roberts Nomination: Required Reading

I'm on vacation so blogging will be light. This article by Jay T. Jorgensen of Sidley & Austin's Washington, D.C., office is important. E-mail it, link to it, print it out and distribute it. The upcoming confirmation hearings and the public discourse about them need to be informed by the facts and analysis in Jorgensen's article. Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for this; Hugh posts the essence of the article:

"Justice Ginsburg declined to answer questions about her views on both prospective and many historical Supreme Court cases. She also declined to answer questions (or gave non-responsive answers to questions) involving a number of controversial issues, hypothetical facts, or areas in which she is not an expert."

Nothing has changed in 12 years, except that the president nominating the justice is George W. Bush and not Bill Clinton.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A devastating piece in light of the grand-standing by the usual suspects, but unfortunately it will not stop the witch-hunt wrapped in the liberal shroud of "concern" for the liberties of the American people. The New York Times is already at the lead oar in insisting that Judge Roberts answer all the inappropriate questions. 

Posted by BlueBuffoon

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 5:34:00 PM  

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