Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Illegal Immigration: What About The Employers?

Tamar Jacoby, writing in today's Los Angeles Times, advances a thesis with the ring of truth: "The truth is that beneath the bluster we're ambivalent about enforcing immigration law because we know that if we were to succeed, it could be disastrous for U.S. businesses and the American workers who depend on them."

I am not well-informed on the statistical basis for this argument, but I am convinced that many Americans believe it is true, and that immigration reform in the USA is very difficult as a result. Ms. Jacoby's piece illustrates the complexity of the illegal immigration problem and the breadth and depth of commitment that will be necessary to solve it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it is not a massive economic issue that is holding us up I cannot image any other excuse that could suffice to the point at which the current obstruction of progress resides. One might suggest an increase in the number of legal immigrants you allow into the country to counter the economic impact of closure, but many folks do not understand that legal immigrants are entitled to Medicaid, welfare, and government housing, which would send a rather large tax burden onto the people, especially those in border regions. The president’s worker program is a better route because it allows for the economic stability while encouraging these workers to keep their residence in Mexico; how you make such a program work is another program all together.  

Posted by Charles

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 9:10:00 AM  

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