Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Hitting Hard

. . . and he's hitting the nail on the head:

Here's what the left seems utterly incapable of grasping:

*There have been jihadists attacking the West since 1993.

*If the London cell had had WMD, they would have used them.

*WMD are being produced by regimes around the world that hate the United States, Great Britain and the west.

*Eventually those regimes will arm cells with WMD unless we either (a)destroy the cells before they get the WMD, (b)destroy the regimes that produce WMD, or (c) do both (a) and (b).

We cannot be making it "worse" by killing terrorists in Iraq, disarming Libya, rolling Syria back from Lebanon, and pursuing Islamist fanatics wherever we find them.

We made it "worse" by doing nothing from 1993 until 9/11.

There is no other way, and any fool who says there is is simply that, a fool. Worse, a dangerous fool.

You need to read Hugh's entire post.


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