Thursday, May 26, 2005

Guest Post: The Iraqi "Insurgency"

Hedgehog reader Ed Nellis, a retired weapons system engineer, offers these thoughts about the isamlofascist terrorists in Iraq:

I don't know who's in charge of our US ground forces in Iraq, and who keeps making tactical mistakes that result in the never-ending piecemeal killing of our soldiers. Incidentally, I read where the road from Baghdad city to the airport is 6 miles long, not 10, 15 or 20 miles, just 6. I would think a smart commander with access to see-in-the-dark, long endurance remotely controlled armed spy planes, along with special forces ground troops, would be able to make this 6-mile road a living hell for any so-called Iraqi insurgents, or other criminals, who are doing the damage with guns or roadside bombs. After all, someone has to be digging holes alongside the 6-mile long road for their explosives.

Clandestine vehicle or personnel movements after dark should be detectable with today's recon technology. In such hostile territory you should be prepared to shoot first and ask questions later. Making this stretch of road dangerous to be seen on after dark might deliver a higher message too: We are through being a target.

I don't understand why a Bush-Rumsfeld meeting with the General Staff in Washington cannot sort this out, and begin a program to inflict grievous harm and bodily injury to those Iraqi insurgents, in these so-called "insurgent" Baghdad hot spots, in Mosul, or anywhere else.

I also read where the Syrian representative to Washington said he was insulted by allegations that Syria was giving aid and comfort to insurgents on the Iraq/Syrian border. These people are too much. They get caught with their hand in the cookie jar and claim it was some one else, while the jar hangs from their fist. They are incredible people with predictable stances of studied innocence. Incidentally, I wonder how all these people in the Middle East have infinite time to riot and burn effigies and flags, and so forth, and give photo ops to Newsweek et al. None of these people seem to have a daytime job. Perhaps they are paid by tabloids as members of Rent-A-Riot-For-Islam? Or better yet, financed by our friends in Saudi Arabia with US oil money payments?


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