Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Getting into The Country And into The White House



This will get your heart started on a Tuesday morning: Mort Kondracke proposes here that President Bush make immigration reform a major agenda item for his second term, and that Bush apply his customary "boldness" to the issue.

We here at the Hedgehog Blog are, I'm afraid, divided on this issue. Mrs. Hedgehog is a restrictionist ("enough of the free rides!") and I tend to be a realist ("these folks are here and are not going away, let's find a win-win solution"). Mrs. Hedgehog listens to Laura Ingraham and Tom Tancredo talk about ways to "get tough" and it's music to her ears. I liked the Flake proposal and was favorably disposed toward Bush's guest worker approach. Somehow we go on living together.

Presidential Politics

In this Slate article Chris Suellentrop analyzes the impact on presidential politics of the Democratic National Committee and its chair. Suellentrop think's the impact is minor. I don't know if he is right but I still like the idea of Howard Dean as DNC Chair and Al Gore as the party's 2008 presidential nominee. That would be lots of fun and might just provide the nadir the Democrats need in order to get serious about national leadership once again.


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