Friday, October 15, 2004

Just A Little Tidbit About Kedwards' Mary Cheney Gambit


Mary Cheney

I am traveling and happened to be in my hotel room when Wolf Blitzer's show came on CNN (I was trying to find the Fox News Channel on my room TV). I actually think Blitzer is one CNN newsman who reports the news straight up (the only one who comes to mind, in fact).

Wolf set up the Mary Cheney story with the appropriate news clips. Then he introduced the two experts who would comment on the story: Bob Barr, the fire-breathing arch-conservative former congressman from Georgia of Clinton impeachment fame, and . . . Al Franken!

Maybe on CNN that's considered serious commentary. I kept hunting for Fox (successfully, it turns out).

UPDATE: Today's Borowitz Report has a typically devastating satiric take on this matter.

This election season needs to be over, and soon.


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