Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The First Annual Hedgehog Blog Presidential Wartime Mistakes Contest

We keep hearing from the Kedwards camp and its supporters that President Bush never admits mistakes. Even the (gasp!) "mainstream media" press this question from time to time, most famously in the last Bush press conference. Just last evening Crazy Al Gore thundered about Bush's "refusal" to admit mistakes.

I think it's time for a contest. Can anyone name a U.S. president who, during a time of war, officially admitted his mistakes in prosecuting the war? For example, did FDR ever chat with the press about all the Allies' miscalculations on D-Day, or in the Kasserine Pass? Did Lincoln ever give a speech about how maybe he should not have suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War? What about Wilson? Truman? Johnson? Nixon?

I really don't know the answer. I have a hunch that none of these presidents ever admitted wartime mistakes during the war. But whatever the answer is, it will add some badly needed perspective to this favorite Democrat talking point.

Post away! Winners will be posted prominently on this board and everywhere else I can get you posted.


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