Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Al Gore's Advice for John Kerry

Hugh Hewitt notes:

Al Gore has an op-ed in the New York Times titled "How to Debate
George Bush."
Really. It is right next to Al Franken's "Building a Radio
Empire," Phil Donahue's "Comebacks on Television," and Martha Stewart's "Timing
the Market." I haven't read Gore's piece yet --I don't know if I can, actually,
as certain levels of absurdity should be avoided-- but I hope it includes:

*Don't get made up like a saloon girl with small pox;
*Don't fidget
and sigh like a second grader in time-out;
*Don't make up travel adventures
to disaster sites with FEMA directors;
*Don't stalk the president in a way
as to alarm the Secret Service;
*Don't suddenly go passive as though you'd
been hit by a dart gun containing a paralyzing agent.
*Don't bring up
anything with "dingle" in the title.

Those are pretty good starters.


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