Thursday, August 19, 2004

Looks Like The Swift Vets Have Drawn Blood

I can't say or report it better than Power Line does. Read the entire post! Excerpt:

The issue, of course, is not whether Kerry served honorably and bravely in
Vietnam. I take it as a given that he did. The questions are: 1) whether he
has lied, repeatedly, about his service in an effort to embellish it; 2) whether he has delibertately tried to take credit for engagements fought by other men (Lt. Ted Peck in particular); 3) whether his leadership of the anti-war movement, which was the origin of his political career, was based on a tissue of lies, including not just the Christmas in Cambodia fantasy--the stated reason for Kerry's purported disillusionment with government--but, more fundamentally, his claims that his fellow servicemen were a group of war criminals who routinely committed atrocities. These are serious questions that go the the heart of Kerry's fitness to be Commander in Chief, but Kerry won't acknowledge them (let alone answer them) unless he absolutely has to.

The AP notes further that Kerry's campaign has released a new ad featuring Jim Rassmann:

Aides said the commercial would air in Ohio, West Virginia and Wisconsin, three
battleground states where the original anti-Kerry ad ran. The decision to advertise even in a limited fashion marked a change in course for the campaign, which had hoped to remain off the air for August to conserve cash for the fall campaign.

So the Kerry camp is clearly worried.



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