Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Read This, Then Send The Link To Everyone You Know

. . . including your local newspaper. It's an op-ed piece the Power Line guys got published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today, focusing on Christmas in Cambodia.

In case you missed it, the L.A. Times did a lengthy piece yesterday on the swift boat vets, but the Times story gave Christmas in Cambodia only passing mention. As the Star Tribune piece makes clear, Kerry's mendacity is clearest, and the evidence most daming, regarding that 1968 Christmas story he has told so many times, on the record.


  1. The Boston Globe is now covering this story. I know I'm biased, but I don't think Kerry looks too good in this one. Read it here.
  2. Kerry's own Vietnam journals (apparently typewritten while he was there) describe a far different Christmas eve than the Cambodian one he has referred to so many times on the record. Read the relevant entry from his journal here. It's ironic that his own journals hang him this way; one of the criticisms from his swift boat comrades was that he spent so much time writing. Moral: If you're going to keep a contemporaneous journal for use in your later political career, you'd better make sure it's accurate, and you'd better stick to that story.
  3. Observation: If people depended only on CNN for their news, they would have a completely different view of reality from someone who, like me, reads blogs and newspapers. It's amazing. For example, Fox News has been covering the Cambodia story relentlessly, and has consistently noted the major media's refusal to cover it. Brit Hume has been especially forceful in that regard, almost to the point of true bravery.

    Out of curiosity, I watched a bit of the Aaron Brown show on CNN last night. The Kerry-Cambodia story was buried as about the 4th or 5th item mentioned. Equal time was devoted to allegations about GWB's national guard service, including's new ad claiming that Bush used connections to get into the guard, was "grounded" for some reason (gee! do you think they are implying he was drinking?), and then was AWOL. The Kerry campaign has disavowed the ad as "inappropriate," but only Fox reported that, not CNN. And the CNN talking heads expressed surprise that Bush would want any sort of debate over wartime service, given his record.

    Like I said, the world according to CNN is not the one you and I live in.


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