Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Democrats' (Angry) State of Mind

Charles Krauthammer reflects here on what has got the Democrats into such a frenzied state. A taste:

Upon losing a game at the 1925 Baden-Baden tournament, Aaron Nimzowitsch,
the great chess theoretician and a superb player, knocked the pieces off the
board, jumped on the table and screamed, ``How can I lose to this

Nimzowitsch may have lived decades ago in Denmark, but had the soul of a
modern American Democrat. After all, Democrats have been saying much the same -- with similar body language -- ever since the erudite Adlai Stevenson lost to the syntactically challenged Eisenhower in 1952. They said it again when they lost to that supposed simpleton Reagan. Twice, would you believe. With George W. Bush, they are at it again, and equally apoplectic.

* * * * *

UPDATE: Scrappleface warns us of an impending "celebrity exhaustion crisis" if Bush is re-elected.


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