Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Links to Some Fine And Interesting Convention Reporting/Commentary from Various Sources

Just as a warm-up and quick review of events up to through Tuesday morning, this summary is good stuff, from the site that should be visited daily by every conservative who wants to follow political commentary.

Here  is Hugh Hewitt's take from today's Democrat festivities.

And this is the trancript of Bill O'Reilly's interview with Michael Moore.  Read it and notice how Moore evades every direct question.

As I type this, I hear Michael Moore talking with Larry King about how his movie is now reaching deep into the mainstream of American.  Oh, please!

I wonder what Moore thinks of this poll by ABC News/Washington Post, which shows Bush actually pulling ahead of Kerry.  Ahem.  That's not supposed to happen when you've just announced your V.P. selection (to much fanfare and adoring news media coverage), you've been on the cover of all the national newsmagazines simultaneously, and your party is extolling your virtues and pointing out the sins of your opponent on national TV at the moment the poll is taken.

On second thought, I don't care one whit what Michael Moore thinks about anything.  As Dennis Prager has noted, Moore is to Kerry as Leni Riefenstahl was to Hitler.  Not exactly the same, but analogous in many ways.

Enough for one night!


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