Thursday, November 01, 2012

Prager and Mamet for Romney/Ryan

The Hedgehog Blog does not have the circulation of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and I suspect that most of our readers have already made up their minds on the Presidential election, for better (Romney/Ryan) or worse (four more years of President Obama).  Nonetheless I want to call our readers' attention to two columns in the current Jewish Journal, one by Dennis Prager, entitled, "A Jew Tours for Romney", and one by playwright David Mamet, entitled, "A Note to a Stiff-Necked People." 

A little sadly, Mr. Prager's piece concludes with a pessimistic note about his ability to persuade more of his fellow Jews to vote Republican, while Mr. Mamet's essay displays his recents scars from the ostracism of the cultural Left following his apostasy of abandoning Left-wing politics.


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