Thursday, July 28, 2011

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tells the Truth About the "Occupied Territories"

Hurrah for Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and! Finally an Israeli government official is engaging in effective public education to counter the cumulative effective of lies from the Palestinians and their allies in Western government and the media. In this video, produced by the Israeli government and StandWithUs, Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon presents the historical facts concerning the status of the so-called "West Bank" and "Occupied Territories" under international law.

If any readers disagree with this presentation, I challenge them to refute it with facts, not name-calling. If you comply with that ground rule, our Comment section is open to you.

Incidentally, as you might expect, the Palestinian Authority is apopletic over this video. In their view when the Israeli government presents the truth, it amounts to a rejection of the "peace process." And if by the "peace process," one means the Oslo Accords and their aftermath, then the PA is probably correct. Of course, the "peace process" has nothing to do with real peace.

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