Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LATMA Paradies Western Media Staging of Silwan "Riot"

This video requires some introduction. Recently, Western and Arab media filmed yet another outrage by the evil Israelis. A gang of teenage Arabs, protesting Jews moving into the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, threw stones at passing cars. One of them is hit by a target vehicle, which speeds away. However, as demonstrated by HonestReporting, the incident was almost certainly cooperatively staged between the Arab rioters and Western and Arab journalists, since AFP/Getty, the Associated Press, the European PressPhoto Agency and Al Jazeera, among other news agencies, were all in place, each with a unique camera position, before the stone-throwing began. This is another example of what has been called "Pallywood"--the staging by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas of anti-Israel propaganda events, suitable for consumption by Western audiences.

The Israeli right-wing comedy group LATMA parodies the incident in a mock interview with a fictional Western mainstream media journalist. READER WARNING:The English subtitles translating the Hebrew text contain a profanity, for which I apologize.


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