Sunday, August 08, 2010

"Flipped" - Rob Reiner's new movie: Go see it!

My wife and I saw it last night. Some quick observations:

  • It is a fine movie, and great for a date. Well-shot, well-paced. Rob Reiner's talent shows through (he co-wrote the script and directed). Go see it.

  • The characters actually develop and are revealed gradually throughout the movie. Rare these days. Regarding one character (I won't say which) it looks like there was some cutting that didn't allow his full development.

  • The movie is set in 1962. For those old enough to remember the early 60s (I am, but just barely) this movie captures that era perfectly, IMO.

  • The movie's release pattern has been interesting. It looks like the studio is trying a word-of-mouth campaign. It was not released widely, even in L.A. It does seem to me the kind of flick that will have "legs." (The audience in our suburban theater gave it sustained applause.)
Here's the trailer. I don't think it does justice to the movie.

And here are some reviews:

The L.A. Times:
As he proved so winningly in "Stand by Me," Rob Reiner is a filmmaker who has a way of telling stories about kids, suffusing them with ambivalence and insecurity about their still-evolving selves that feels both heartfelt and authentic.

So it is, once again many years later, with "Flipped," a tale of very young love and loss also set in the '60s. And though our two lovebirds, Juli and Bryce, live in white, middle-class suburbia, the experience feels universal and the oft-trod coming-of-age terrain feels newly turned.
'Flipped' a 'pleasant and welcome return to form for Rob Reiner'

Rob Reiner's fun Flipped

I haven't felt as good about shelling out $20 for a movie for a long time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved "Flipped," saw it at the AARP Convention in Florida recently in "Movies for Grownups." It's a feel-good movie, and brings back memories of the '60s. I especially liked the references/names used from shows from the '60s, like "Mayfield," which was in "Leave it to Beaver."

Saturday, October 09, 2010 5:44:00 PM  

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