Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama Revealed

As we move into a historic weekend for the nation's healthcare system, here's the quote of the day, from Jennifer Rubin:
This was the candidate who created a cult of personality, who told us he represented the “New Politics,” who was going to eschew politics-as-usual, and who would be post-partisan, post-racial, and post-ideological. Now he’s a handful of votes away from a humiliating defeat. No wonder it’s desperation time. His possible failure would not be a mere political failure; it would be the obliteration of his own mythology.

Should he squeak it out, Obama’s “victory” would come with a heavy price. Gone is the image of a policy sophisticate (try watching that Bret Baier interview a few times without wincing). Gone is the “moderate” moniker. And gone is the notion that he’d usher in a new era of less contentious and less corrupt politics. (It’s a new era, perhaps, but hardly a better one.) There is no mistaking now the depth of the campaign deception. The public has figured out what he is all about. And increasingly, they dislike what they see.
I think the Senate bill is going to pass the House this weekend and that any bill to enact "fixes" will be quickly mired down. So the Senate bill will become the law of the land.

Five years from now we will not recognize the health care system we have, and we won't like what we see there either. For the rest of our lives, unless this thing is repealed (and don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen) the debate will be like Social Security has been: How much money do we put into this program? That will take place alongside lie after lie about the program's sustainability. In fact, what we may have here is a government entitlement that is both unrepealable and unsustainable. The "unrepealable" part is what the Left wants. I'm not sure they care about the "unsustainable" part, unless we become Sweden (but I think the Left wants that too).

And yes, insurance companies are a big problem. But buying health insurance will also be a lot different in the future. By federal law, we will all have to buy health insurance, which is not such a big problem to me, but we will have to buy a one-size-fits all policy that meets government standards. Say good-bye to your choices in the matter. And if you think the cost of your health insurance is going down, you will probably be surprised.

This is a big deal, folks. And it's being passed despite opposition from a pretty large majority of the American people.

Then things are going to get very interesting.


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