Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More on college football's Bowl Championship Series: The emperor's clothes seem to be missing

Paul Daugherty of The Cincinnati Enquirer thinks the University of Utah Utes have 13 reasons to feel cheated. (Namely, their 13 wins against no losses.)

The Utes are a problem only a playoff would solve. They are the radical at the door of the Old Boys Club. They're the gorgeous librarian with the horn-rims and her hair up, finishing fifth in a four-team beauty pageant. No one could have watched the Sugar Bowl and concluded a playoff wouldn't be sweet.

For a month during the regular season, we'd decided Alabama from the almighty SEC was the best team in quasi-amateur football. The Utes led 'Bama 21-0 in the firs quarter, then painted their toenails for three quarters and tried not to look bored.

This could make you question some things.

In the Washington Post, the highly-respected John Fenstein writes an open letter to all 72 of the writers who vote in the AP college football poll:
While the case for the Utes as the No. 1 team can be made based on record, on their win over Alabama, on BCS teams' refusal to play them on the road and on the remarkable mediocrity of three of six BCS conferences (not to mention Notre Dame which is reveling in a 7-6 record; boy is that Charlie Weis a coaching genius), that's not why you should vote for them.

The reason to vote for Utah is simple: This is the one and only way you can stand up to the BCS bullies -- the university presidents, commissioners, athletic directors and the TV networks who enable them -- and, to renew a catch phrase, just say no. Say no to this horrible, hypocritical, feed-the-big-boys system. Say no to the idea that fair competition doesn't matter. Say no to all the hype surrounding the power conferences and power teams. To co-opt yet another catch phrase, say yes to change.
Sounds good to me.


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