Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Thoughts on Florida

What Lies Ahead?

I agree 100% with Ralph's comments below, and will add only this: Romney really has only one way to turn this around: Focusing Republicans on the choice before them.

McCain is now the national front-runner. That will bring an entirely different kind of scrutiny to him. Republicans will be forced to ask: Is this really the man we want to put forward as our nominee?

I have no idea what their answer will be. Romney has to go to them and say, "Here I am. I am a traditional Republican, strong on the three 'legs of the GOP stool:' (1) national defense, (2) the economy, and (3) traditional values. If you want a Reagan Republican who will take those principles to Washington, I am your man."

Will that work? Who knows. It depends on whether there are enough Republicans out there who care about those basic principles.

And What About That Mormon Question?

I shared these thoughts tonight on Article VI Blog:

But back to The Question: I’ll ask it a little differently this

Imagine Mitt Romney were the same in every respect as he is right
now, same family, same personal story, same accomplishments, but a life-long
Evangelical Presbyterian, like my co-blogger John or Hugh Hewitt.

Would we be watching the same outcome in Florida? Would Huckabee
be hanging on still, out of money and carrying his own bags through hotel
lobbies, even after not winning a single real primary and scoring a series of
third- and fourth-place finishes?

Yes, you can say Romney would still be in the same position because of
his “flip-flopping.” And you might be right. But what if
“flip-flopping” is really code for something else, as this study concluded?

I wonder. I really wonder.

What do you think?
I think I may be wondering for a long, long time.


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