Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John Stewart: Adios, Lonesome Picker Update

I guesss there are a lot more of us Stewartnistas out there than I thought. The post below entitled "John Stewart, the Lonesome Picker, Rides Into the Sunset," has received more comments from readers than any I can remember on "The Hedgehog Blog." Our daily traffic is up from a monthly average of 165 visitors to 209, and while my co-blogger, Lowell, the Hedgehog, probably will attribute the burst of new attention to his posts on the race for the GOP Presidential nomination, I suspect that the credit goes to the Daydream Believer.

Please read the comments about John, which, to risk understatement. are both longer and more moving than the typical blog comment. This man touched people's lives. Thank you to all who have and will share a comment about John. And thank you, big fella, for inspiring all this outpouring of emotion from us jaded middle-aged baby boomers. I hope that your beautiful soul is aware of all the tributes to your memory, and more importantly, to the tears that are being shed, not merely out of grief, but at the passing of an important part of our lives, and in joyful gratitude for what you gave us.

It amazes me how many people saw John at The Cellar in Los Altos. I wish I had met more of you folks back then. "But you can't look back, when you're moving on."


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