Friday, December 21, 2007

Condi Rice Fires Back at Huckabee

I would not want to have Condi Rice angry at me. Although I was once a great fan of the former Stanford Dean and National Security Advisor, now the Secretary of State, her reversals of field on the Israeli-Palestinian issue have made me very uncomfortable of late. Fortunately, I keep a relatively low profile. I highly doubt that a summary of The Kosher Hedgehog's posts makes it to Condi's desk each morning.

Not so Mike Huckabee. He published an article in Foreign Affairs that characterized the foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration as "go-it-alone" and exhibiting a "bunker mentality." That put old Huck squarely in Condi's gun sights and she let fire today, describing candidate Huckabee's opinion as "simply ludicrous."

So now we have a Republican Presidential candidate harshly criticizing the foreign policy of a sitting Republican President, and the Secretary of State of that Administration just as harshly attacking the candidate. Not great for party unity, one thinks, but perhaps only a foretaste of the divisiveness that would result should Mike Huckabee win the Republican nomination. For a completely different reason, a Giuliani nomination would probably have the same result--too many social conservatives are repelled by Rudy's soap-opera personal life. While Mitt Romney will never win over some doctrinaire Christian evangelicals, I think by and large he would be able to unify the party. Fred Thompson probably could do so as well, although I do not think he comes close to Romney in executive competency and energy.


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