Monday, May 07, 2007

AP Puts Words in Sarkozy's Mouth

Sometimes the lefties in the Mainstream Media are so no-plussed by the actual news that they have to make something up. Apparently, the Associated Press couldn't handle the truth about the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President of France. As reported below, Sarkozy's first speech declared the renewed friendship of France and the United States. Not happy with the implications of what Sarkozy actually said, the AP decided to make up a quote. And so, AP writer Angela Charlton reports what she would like the story to be:

By urging the United States to take the lead on fighting global warming, Sarkozy also signaled that an invigorated friendship with Washington would not mean subservience. His speech Sunday provided comfort to a populace worried that France's global voice is fading.
"The message was, 'Don't take me for granted,'" said Francois Heisbourg, a leading expert on French strategic and foreign policy. "This was wise in terms of domestic policies but also in terms of the overall relationship. He was saying, 'I'm not going to be a poodle.'"

And either Yahoo or AP headlined the story, "Sarkozy's message: I won't be a poodle," as if the newly elected French President, known in France as "Sarko the American" for his open admiration of the U.S. support of the free market and entrepreneurial capitalism, actually said those words instead of the pro-American comments that actually hightlighted his first speech after his election.


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