Friday, March 09, 2007

The 2008 Presidential Race Analyzed, From All Sides

Richard Baehr in The American Thinker has done it pretty much down the middle, from the Republical side, at least; he's not enchanted by any of the Democrat candidates. Excerpt:
On the Republican side, the race is still too early to call, though Giuliani would have to be considered the favorite. It is unclear how well any of the three leading candidates is doing in the fundraising sweepstakes so far, though there are rumors McCain is struggling despite a large donor base from his 2000 race. McCain, who would be in his 70s were he elected, may seem a bit tired.

There is no clear favorite in the earliest GOP primary states, despite Giuliani's lead in the national opinion surveys. So candidates who are better organized on the ground in those states, such as McCain, could still recover. Romney has much of the Jeb Bush team from Florida in his camp in that important state.

Romney is trying to position himself to the right of McCain and Giuliani, sensing that conservative primary voters may be unhappy with all three of the leading candidates on one issue or more, but may be more in line with Romney's more traditional GOP positions on some issues than with the other two.

In any case, the GOP has three attractive candidates who would all be competitive in a national race . And none of them have the stench of inauthenticity of the current Democratic front-runner . . . .
(HT: Hugh Hewitt.)


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