Monday, November 27, 2006

New Book: "My Year Inside Radical Islam"

Deborah J. Saunders reviews the new book and interviews author Daveed Gartenstein-Ross in the San Francisco Chronicle online. Two of the observations made by Gartenstein-Ross in the interview confirm everything you always suspected about the left and mainstream media (if you will excuse the redundancy):
He believes Americans need a more fact-based understanding of Islam, which requires the media to do a better job of reporting what Muslims think and say -- instead of papering over radical rhetoric. Once when a local reporter visited Al Haramain to write a piece on Ramadan, a co-worker refused to shake her hand, launched a defense of sorts of Algerian terrorists and lambasted a French policy that prohibited schoolgirls from wearing the hijab in class. The comments never made the story. Gartenstein-Ross writes, "And so, as I often did, the reporter chose not to acknowledge that a real clash of values existed here."

Islam's approach to homosexuality is another area that the left ignores in deference to multiculturalism. (Think of Bay Area liberals who voice outrage at the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, but are silent about the Shariah policy on homosexuals -- 100 lashes or death.) Ditto the status of women.


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