Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New U.N. Human Rights Council's 1st Concern-Israel of Course!

Our apologies to the Hedgehog readership for overlooking this story while distracted by other news. The United Nations Human Rights Council is a new body--it was only created this past March and its initial members elected only in May. It replaces the defunct and unlamented UN Human Rights Commission. The charter members include such paragons of human rights as Cuba, China, the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia.

The Council got right down to work at its first session on June 19, and since has amply demonstrated that its agenda is in lockstep with that of the United Nations in general. On Friday, June 30, it voted to make a review of alleged human rights abuses by Israel in "occupied Palestine" a permanent agenda item of every Council session, as reported here by the Jerusalem Post. And today, as reported by the UN's own news service, the Council will open its first ever special session, to discuss--what else--"the human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory caused by the recent Israeli military operations against Palestinian civilians." Apparently not on the agenda is the cause of those Israeli military operations--an attack inside Israel by Palestinian terrorists, who killed two Israeli soldiers and are still holding one as a hostage.

DRY BONES provides the appropriate commentary:


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