Monday, June 12, 2006

The Palestinian Bloods and Crips Go At Each Other Again

As reported by AP here, "Hundreds of Palestinian security forces loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas went on a rampage against the Hamas-led government Monday night, riddling the [Palestinian Authority] parliament and Cabinet buildings [in Ramallah] with bullets and setting them on fire in retaliation for an attack by Hamas gunmen. "
Some observations and questions:
(1) This rampage is very much like the riots in South Central Los Angeles, where the rioters burned down and trashed the businesses that serve their own community. If Fatah were to return to power, they would operate out of the very government buildings that they are wrecking.
(2) As I have asked in the past, if money is so short in the Palestinian Authority, why is there always money for guns and uniforms? Also, who is going to pay to repair these buildings?
(3) Question for those people who believe that Israel's identity as a Jewish State is an anachronism, and the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue is a secular state encompassing what is now Israel, Gaza and the so-called West Bank--If these thugs can't even get along with each other; what possibility is there that they would live peacefully along side the hated Jews?


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