Friday, April 07, 2006

AP--Associated Press or Arab Propaganda?

This afternoon, Yahoo News posted this Associated Press story entitled, "Israeli Strike Kills 6; Palestinians Meet." The headline itself is loaded, but the story is worse. Carrying a byline of "Sarah El Deeb," nowhere in the story is there a hint of why Israel might have launched airstrikes in Northern Gaza. As far as a reader would know, it was unprovoked aggression by Israel. One has to look elsewhere, such as for example, this story from Arutz Sheva Israel National News Service, to find out the critical background facts:

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired two Kassams at the Negev last night (Thursday), following eight other rockets in the previous 24 hours. One Kassam hit the city of Sderot, causing no damage.Rocket fire from Gaza towards Israel has continually increased ever since Israel withdrew from Gaza last summer. The IDF reports that 430 Kassams have been fired since last summer, including 85 in March and 50 so far this month. Other reports have cited even higher totals. In addition to the recent introduction of 20-kilometer-range Katyusha rockets to the Gazan Arabs' arsenal, the accuracy and quality of the Kassams hitting Israel have improved.

Just imagine what the reaction of the United States would be if the government of Mexico allowed its territory to be used to launch 430 rockets plus sundry mortar shells at San Diego?

4/8/06 UPDATE: Our hapless local rag, the Los Angeles Times, followed the AP lead and printed virtually the same story, again without mentioning the provacation of recent rocket attacks that led to the Israeli airstrikes.


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