Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Biblical Literacy And The Main Stream Media

Back in college I took a course called "The Bible As Literature." I remember my professor making the point that regardless of how one felt about the truthfulness of the Judeo-Christian Bible, to be truly literate in Western society (a term that was not politically incorrect at that time), one had to have a basic familiarity with the Good Book.

It seems that times have changed in the last 3o years, as this Power Line post strongly suggests. Some Western MSM types clearly have very little exposure to the Bible, which, aside from being a foundational work in Western Civilization, happens to be the best-selling book in the history of the world. I am confident that the same MSM types consider themselves quite well-educated nonetheless.

Read the Power Line post; if you know the Bible at all, you'll find it quite amusing, somewhat eye-opening, and probably a little depressing.


Anonymous DL said...

That sounds familiar -s eems I remember a smug little twerp of a 'Profesor" making derogatory "some people actually believe this stuff" type of comments while we perused the Bible. They were at it already in the Fifties in good old blue state New England 

Posted by DL

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 3:09:00 AM  

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