Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Immigration (Illegal or Not): Keeping Our Eye on The Ball

If you read this blog you know I post a lot about immigration. (Examples of such posts here.) You also know that I view immigration favorably, as long as it is legal and is happening under our government's control. But the most important requirement, to me, is that assimilation occur with those who immigrate to America.

Lo and behold, Charles Krauthammer has now held forth on that very part of the puzzle. Krauthammer is one of the most formidable conservative commentators and he states the case very nicely here. This is a highly-recommended read, to say the least. An excerpt:

The cure for excessive immigration is successful assimilation. The way to prevent European-like immigration catastrophes is to turn every immigrant -- and most surely his children -- into an American.

Of course you need to read the whole thing. More conservative politicians need to be taking about the issue this way. It's a winning approach.


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