Thursday, March 17, 2005

Radio Blogger: A Daily Must-Visit

From Radio Blogger's home page; I think Duane's the man behind the curtain.

Radio Blogger is becoming a must-visit site-- for bloggers as well as readers of blogs. The site is run by Generalissimo Duane, who is Hugh Hewitt's radio show producer. Radio Blogger specializes in selecting verbatim transcripts of lefty politicians and commentators and putting them on the Web for all to see. It's a fertile field, believe me.

Here's an example, in which Duane quotes Barbara Boxer making one of her dumber statements. Go to the main site too, and browse.

Hugh asks the question certain pols should ponder:

Do you think Democrats ever bother to pause and ask themselves why center-right radio hosts and bloggers play and post their speeches --often in their entirety?
Yup. Great stuff.


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