Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Post-Schiavo Future?

Guest blogger Ralph Kostant shares the following:

News Item One May Expect to See in the Los Angeles Times Soon:

Michael Schiavo announced at a press conference this afternoon that he is going to court in Italy to have the feeding tube removed from Pope John Paul II. Schiavo stated that at a private Papal audience some years ago, the Pontiff confided to Schiavo that “he would not want to go on living if he became dependent on a feeding tube for nutrition.”

Schiavo’s attorney, George Felos, predicted that “only right-wing religious conservatives in the Vatican will oppose Michael’s effort to vindicate Pope’s right to die.” Medical experts consulted by the Los Angeles Times indicated that the best available scientific evidence suggests that the Pope would not suffer as he dies from starvation, and may indeed experience incidents of religious ecstasy.

Ralph B. Kostant


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