Sunday, January 16, 2005

An Unexpected Pleasure of Blogging: When Great Blogs Visit


I enrolled in a service that enables me to visit other blogs that visit this blog. When I do so, I am always fascinated to learn that people from such places as Singapore, Malaysia, and Iraq maintain blogs and actually visit mine. What is really staggering, however, is how much quality thinking is going on out there by other good, smart people who put a little effort into blogging. Here are two examples from today's visits, both of which I have already added to my blogroll.

Off the Top is by a self-described SAHM (stay-at-home mom) and home schooler. Based on the quality of her thinking I'd say her kids are lucky to have such a teacher. Sample: This post about C.S. Lewis and the Tao. Red state-minded folks are not supposed to be that sohisticated, are they?

Common Sense Runs Wild is a thoughtful site run by a blogger who takes the time to make the blog look good and read well. Example: A post about Charles Graner, just convicted in the Abu Ghraib matter. No conservative excuses there!

Visit these blogs!


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