Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Quote of The Day: Hollywood and Conservatives


Andrew Breitbart, co-author of "Hollywood Interrupted," interviewed by Kathryn Jean Lopez, Friday, January 14 in National Review Online:

Hollywood royalty wishes to maintain an adversarial relationship with its fan base. Many stars sought fame and fortune to escape their bourgeois upbringings. By fetishizing the poor and oppressed, and in honoring Fidel [Castro]'s revolution, this substantive celebrity subgroup advocates an unachievable egalitarian ideal while creating a wedge between themselves and their fellow countrymen in the wretched middle class.

It goes without saying that Leo DiCaprio would rather be seen in Havana than caught dead at Wal-Mart. . . .

It is a very emotional situation from a very emotional group of people. These are not the type of people you would want next to you in a bunker during war. . . .

To my surprise I am finding that there are a lot more non-liberals in Hollywood than I had once suspected. It's just that they live in the closet. Until things change I still can't recommend they come out either.

Conservatives exist in the closet in Hollywood because they know the nature of hiring out here. People hire people they are comfortable with. And most liberals in Hollywood detest conservatives.
Hat tip to a friend, a secret Hollywood liberal. The entire article is a great read, especially if (like me) you are forced to pay attention to the entertainment industry.


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