Friday, February 04, 2011

Chill Out about Egypt, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity--It's the Muslin Brotherhood, Not the Muslim Brotherhood

Based on briefings from confidential sources, I am convinced that Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Frank Gaffney are all worked up over nothing, a mixup if you will. The organization trying to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is not the Muslim Brotherhood, but the Muslin Brotherhood, a trade organization trying to promote the export from Egypt of muslin cotton cloth. Naturally this has met with strong opposition from American cotton-growing interests, who had the foresight to outbid, or outbribe, the Mubarak government, which explains why Murbarak has suppressed the Muslin Brotherhood. Murbarak and the American cotton growers also connived to portray the Muslin Brotherhood as Islamist fanatics. However, as the illustration of 1838 Muslin fashion at left, courtesy of Wickepedia, tastefully demonstrates, the Muslin Brotherhood is not Islamist in dress or manner.

I look forward to explaining the confusion to Sean, Rachel or Chris, whoever books my appearance first.


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